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(RE)Insurance Management Consultancy

Innovation and Connectivity

Through collaborative relationships we believe in the quality of the services we provide. By partnering with specialists in their field, JDCC are focused on driving results and meeting your objectives effectively and efficiently through 'proactive & joined up' thinking - reducing costs and enhancing reputations.

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One of the crucial founding principles of JDCC was to create a truly alternative business model to other legacy service providers. The company has always offered specific reinsurance expertise from consultants who have a depth of knowledge and experience in the field that enables effective, professional project delivery.

JDCC's success and organic growth in the legacy servicing field is testament to the MD's deeply held belief that a tailored, finite, pro-active service to manage defined issues through the deployment of experienced consultants offers faster, more cost-effective solutions than a protracted 'acquisition to indefinite run-off' approach.

In the current climate, London and Global markets are becoming increasingly focused on achieving:

Data transparency - to provide easier identification of data tracing and corruption resulting in speedier remedies.

JDCC's accumulated experience in data cleansing has resulted in the development of the bespoke data software system, SYSO, which offers an enhanced project model for data cleansing, migration and platform integration.

In aligning the exceptional resource capabilities of JDCC's associate partners with the IT resolution capabilities of SYSO & other proprietary software solutions, we offer a unique collaborative approach to accommodate these demands.

JDCC maintains a centralised presence in London's reinsurance market and can provide the technical reinsurance experience to undertake many projects including:

  1. Data Migration
  2. Data Cleansing
  3. Inspections
  4. Reserve reviews
  5. Part VII's
  6. Solvent scheme management initiations

(RE)Insurance Management Consultancy

Business Performance

Support and extend your existing team with business critical consultancy:

  • Reserve reviews
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Reinsurance inspections
  • Cover holder and Binder Reviews
  • Commutation Commentary

JDCC offers considerable experience in all aspects of Underwriting including:

  • Due Diligence
  • Peer Review: provides a 'health check' examination of specific portfolios using our extensive market experience in conjunction with clients' underwriting guidelines.
  • Policy Review: the expertise to review policy wordings with the aim of clarifying the narrative of contracts and programmes where misunderstandings in interpretation could be costly
Business Process & Continuity Consultancy

Driving best practice, JDCC will design and help deliver IT and Business solutions. Flexible and scalable solutions to support the unique requirements of the re-insurance industry:

  • Implementation of recoveries systems; Automation of business flow from inwards claims to outwards recovery and credit control
  • Implementation and migration onto ELGAR platform
  • Additional resources and skills to support complex change programmes often associated with implementations

(RE)Insurance Professional Services

25 years of experience in delivering business services. Empowering your teams; free them to focus on the business of doing business while our best of breed associates deliver business critical projects such as:

Run-off Administration
Legacy Claims
  • Accelerated Commutations
  • Arbitration
  • Asset Recovery
  • Claims Management
  • Contract Certainty
  • Complex Insurance and Reinsurance Recoveries
  • Part VII and Solvent Scheme of Arrangements
  • Inspections

(RE)Insurance IT Solutions & Services

From defining the necessary requirements to managing the project including the change implications across the business including both soft and hard assets impacted, we are able to facilitate the niche IT solutions and services dedicated to the (RE)Insurance industry.

(RE)Insurance Data Solutions and Services

SYSO Proprietary Innovative Data Cleansing Solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of the Insurance industry

System Migration Mapping Solutions and Services

System Migration Consultancy in partnership with Xchanging.

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